Bad Reception: Making the Best of Bad TV

EP83 - Bob Patterson

March 31, 2020

Get ready for some situations, and maybe even some comedy, as we drop the first episode in our "S(t)einfeld Stinkers" series! This time Jason Alexander goes from lovably enraged loser George Costanza to a third rate Tony Robbins named Bob Patterson. The ep we watched, "Naked Bob," deals with his serious confidence issues regarding his downtown region. That's right, there's lots of boner talk in this one! (more so even than usual!) With the biggest comedy hit of all time only a few years behind him, how did J-Xan's followup sitcom fold faster than Kramer in The Contest?? This old-school style ABC laugh-track comedy aired only 5 episodes before getting nixed. I mean, seriously, what is the deal?

Cut the Shit:
Morgan - Tiger King
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