Bad Reception: Making the Best of Bad TV

EP82 - NightMan

March 3, 2020

Good golly, it's our two year podiversary!! We celebrate by finally having our hilarious and talented friend, comedian/actor/podcaster Nick Aragon (F*ck This Place podcast, @instaragon) on the show!! And what a treat of a show we had for him! (shout-out to Josh Hollis of Predict-o-Cast for the recommendation!!) In a world full of shows based on popular, well-established, interesting and iconic superhero characters, one show dared to be different. One show had the balls to reach into the depths of obscurity and pull out a mediocre character that literally not one person was asking for. And only one show had the audacity to make a bafflingly inept show around that character. That's right, we watched the nearly inexplicable, gut-bustingly stupid, 1997 syndicated super-flop, NightMan!! Get ready for a super-sized episode full of Morgan's uncontrollable laughter, Mike's top-notch puns, and more Neil Breen references than you can shake a laptop at! Happy two years, baddies! 

Cut the Shit:
Morgan - Rifftrax
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