Bad Reception: Making the Best of Bad TV

EP70 - The New Adventures of He-Man

August 26, 2019

We Have The Power!!! The power to watch really bad 90s cartoon reboots that is! It's everyone's favorite muscle bound sword-swinger, He-Man! But not quite like you remember him. That's right, just a few years after Masters of the Universe, in 1990, He-Man was rebooted, lamer, and tamer than ever! Remember Skeletor, the awesome, ripped skeleton-man menace? He's here too! Except, now he sucks! What a great idea!! Just take everything that was cool about the original and make it terrible! Can you sense the sarcasm!?!!?

Plus, Morgan reveals her true robotronic roots, Mike fails to accurately remember almost anything about the original show, and we spend more time talking about 90s board games, Academy Award Winner Eric Roberts, and letting artificial intelligence complete our show for us, than the actual episode! Listen now, or we'll give you a bowl mullet!

Cut the Shit:
Morgan - Mindhunter S2
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