Bad Reception: Making the Best of Bad TV

EP64 - Aquaman

June 18, 2019

Something’s fishy this week as we watch the 2006 pilot for what would have been The CW’s Aquaman! That’s right, everyone’s favorite superhero punchline, the whale whisperer himself, Aquaman, was star of his very own TV show… For one episode anyway. Also this show has A LOT to do with the Bermuda triangle. Not really sure what that's all about. Josh subs in for Morgan this week to help find out if this floundering failure belongs on the bottom of the sea.

We also discuss Beach Boys geography, octopus drummers, and James Wan's obsession with spinoffs, and then slam the show Frontiers for absolutely no reason. Also, Josh reveals some shocking news about Captain America, and can’t stop talking about the 1998 film, The Big Hit. Meanwhile, Mike unleashes his amazing Ving Rhames impression, and raves about the totally relevant GameCube hit, Eternal Darkness.

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