Bad Reception: Making the Best of Bad TV

EP6 - Manimal

April 10, 2018

Man-oh-Manimal! Guest host Tiff joins Mike and Morgan this week to talk about the legendary Bad TV classic, Manimal (Ep. 104 "Female of the Species")! This show's got it all: practical FX, people jumping through windows, a wolf-person, a bird-person, an underwater shark fight, full frontal nudity, Frankenstein's monster, a car chase, a boat chase, an indoor Zoo (inside a dude's HOUSE!), a chillingly dark means of execution, and the greatest cameo in television history (I won't spoil it here)! Plus Tiff enlightens us about Animorphs and the Wild Thornberry's, Morgan gets heated about politics, and Mike gets murdered for making too many stupid jokes! [Audio note: this episode has some clipping, despite my best efforts to fix it during recording, there will be a few pops. Hopefully this will not effect your enjoyment of the episode. If it does, blame me. - Jeremy]

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Positivity Corner: Tiff - Alison Wonderland's Awake  

Morgan -  I'll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara

Mike - Oh Shit! That's Scary / Cat People / Kacey Musgrave's Golden Hour

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