Bad Reception: Making the Best of Bad TV

EP51 - Sonic Underground

March 12, 2019

We’ve got the need for speed, and only the furry blue spiked one can get the job done! It’s our first video game adaptation and we went for the weirdest, goofiest, most gosh dark rock-n-roll-est show we could get our hands on, 1999’s Sonic Underground! Hope you’re ready for sick guitar riffs, laser blasting drum beats and, of course, fog spewing organ solos…(?) because this ain’t your daddy’s Sonic!

Morgan is somehow even sicker this week, hacking her lungs out (apologies misophoniacs!), but she’s a flippin' pro and showed up for the recording anyhow. This blazing fast episode also features talk of our new Gin Blossoms podcast spinoff, a retrospective of 90s kids television commercials, and there’s some bashing of the good name of Stephen Urkel. Plus Morgan tests her knowledge of Mortal Kombat (and video games in general), while Mike recalls his days deep in the punk rock scene. Quick! Give this episode a SPIN!

Cut the Shit:
Morgan - American Gods
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