Bad Reception: Making the Best of Bad TV

EP48 - Tremors: The Series

February 12, 2019
From the depths of television obscurity, we unearth the 2003 Syfy TV spinoff of the immensely entertaining Tremors film franchise! Is this "underground" series worthy of the good Graboid™️ name, or should we have left it buried? Lot’s of talk about Wild Things and “Kevin Bacon’s Front Jimmy” in this one, and we seem to be on constant lookout for a connection between Graboids and hemorrhoids that never really comes to fruition. Meanwhile Morgan has some tingly feelings for Michael Gross and can’t stand people who pronounce Nevada “NeVAHda,” and Mike reveals his frosted tip past and insists that everyone knows and loves the 1993 film Heart and Souls. This one is gonna make the earth move, because sometimes you just want giant worms!
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