Bad Reception: Making the Best of Bad TV

EP4 - Garbage Pail Kids / Inhumanoids

March 27, 2018

Save the childhood trauma for your mama! This week we subjected ourselves to some Saturday morning nightmare fuel in the form of two 80s cash grab cartoon catastrophes! First up is the non-stop action of Inhumanoids, apparently based on a weird toy line from Hasbro, that has mech-suited macho men fighting terrifying Monster Gods from the Earth's core. Second, we have an animated variety show featuring everyone's favorite repulsive rugrats, The Garbage Pail Kids. Both shows were pulled due to concern from parents, but was the reaction too harsh? Find out as we exhaust ourselves with overstimulation! We've got explosions, mass destruction, kidnappings, the threat of global annihilation, killer toys, and the horrors of tooth decay... You know, for kids.

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