Bad Reception: Making the Best of Bad TV

EP29 - Automan

September 25, 2018
Holy synth, it’s Automan! Or is it Ottoman? We have no idea what we’re in for but we’re pretty sure it has something to do with cars… or furniture… possibly both (actually it’s neither). Tiffany and Josh return to podcast and eat pizza… and we’re all out of pizza (but some does get delivered to us while recording!) Join as we talk about our new mascot Bob Ross: Mob Boss, we neglect to describe the main character for half the episode, we ponder the origins of Automan (Autobaby?), Tiff tells us that Tara Reid was kidnapped, and Morgan tells the villain to “Nut up.”
Run program: Bad Reception. Password: hilarity!
Cut the Shit:
Tiffany: Glitch
Mike: Season of the Witch (1972)

Promo: Grave Girls Podcast

Shoutouts to : PodFix Network, Up and Vanished, In Voorhees We Trust, @AllTheHorror

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