Bad Reception: Making the Best of Bad TV

EP27 - Street Sharks

September 11, 2018
Get some real shark up in this S@*#!! That’s the tagline for this Jawesome 90s cartoon! Not really, but wouldn’t that be so KOOL!? Jason (Things I Hate) and Carli (Oh Shit That’s Scary) return to the podcast to talk about the nearly inexplicable Street Sharks! We also get into some of our favorite 90s garbage like Gushers, Crossfire and Squeezits! Mike confirms the validity of the science behind the show. Jason speculates that the show is a thinly veiled allegory for gang warfare, and possibly written by rapper Kurupt. Morgan apologizes to David Wain for nearly killing him. And Alexa teaches us all what a face is! Lace up those rollerblades, and fuel up your jetpacks, this one’s a doozy!
Cut the Shit:
Mike: Stella
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