Bad Reception: Making the Best of Bad TV

EP26 - Miracles

September 4, 2018

Mike and Morgan find a higher a power... and it's Skeet Ulrich! Just kidding, they just watched a weird religious based supernatural mystery thriller TV show from 2003 called Miracles, featuring Skeet playing a hoax hunting priest. Was it one of the titular miracles that it lasted 7 episodes? Was it an act of God it was taken off the air? Or maybe Satan is to blame for it's unfortunate demise? One thing's for sure, Skeet can seduce the hell out of a blind lady! It's raining blood, Hallelujah! Other inside jokes from the episode! Plus Morgan announces her newly won championship and drops some Lil' Jon lyrics, Mike learns about the restorative power of apricots, and we've got some new music cues! Holy smokes, this episode is sure to make you a believer!

Cut the Shit:
Morgan: Radiolab
Mike: Stigmata
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