Bad Reception: Making the Best of Bad TV

EP22 - Mission: Impossible ‘88

July 31, 2018

That's right, we're discussing what the internet is buzzing about, Mission: Impossible!! We'll probably have a lot of fallout over this one, but it's actually not the new movie we're talking about. It's not the old TV show either. It's the NEW old TV show: the quasi reboot of Mission: Impossible from 1988! Did you even know this existed? We sure didn't! Josh and Tiff are filling in for Morgan this week, and things get real silly, real quick. But all you Morg-heads out there are in for a special treat about halfway through the Ep! (Hint: It's Morgan, she's in the second half of the show). In addition to the M:I '88 we waste time talking about "dick on a stick, " the Mandela Effect, Peter Graves' sexy buttcheeks, Shazaam: a super real movie, everyone's favorite sequel Jungle 2: Jungle, #FluctuateMeBitch, and Tiff's sweaty ass feeling. This message will self destruct in 5 seconds...

Cut the Shit:

Morgan - My Scientology Movie
Tiffany - Amy Shark
Josh - Mission Impossible III
Mike - Orange is the New Black

Shoutouts: Box Office Records

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