Bad Reception: Making the Best of Bad TV

EP19 - Street Hawk

July 10, 2018

Alright all you cycle-heads. Motor maniacs. Two-wheeled rocket racers. This one’s for you! What do you get when you combine a motorcycle, lasers, machine-guns, Tangerine Dream synth, Frank from Murphy Brown and sack of potatoes dressed like a man? You guessed it, it’s Street Hawk! Everyone’s favorite crime fighting super-vehicle series that doesn’t star David Hasselhoff! Chevy joins us again to spill the beans about this top secret government mission. Listen to us struggle to explain the impossibly intricate plot! Hear us lose interest mid recap! Join us as we lose our will to live and give in to the soul crushing mediocrity that is cheesy 80s action TV!! Or maybe it was really good. Who can say? Plus plenty of banter banter banter! Vrrroooooom!!

Cut the Shit:
Chevy - The Billy Bob Tapes, Twin Peaks, Riverdale, Friday Night Lights
Mike - Samurai Cop and Killing American Style
Podcast Plugs: 
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