Bad Reception: Making the Best of Bad TV

EP16 - Free Spirit

June 19, 2018

Quit Your Witchin'!! This week we're cast under the spell of the 80s family sitcom Free Spirit! It's  the second most famous all-ages witch comedy to air on TGIF. Folks, we were tired, and we were drinking, and recorded it merely hours before it needed to be uploaded. It may be incoherent, and we may be insufferable, but one thing is for sure: it meets the minimum requirements to be considered a podcast. It may not be pretty, but we did it get it posted under the wire. We also find time to discuss the Disney Channel film Under Wraps, the curse of the Scottish Play (aka MACBETH, if you didn't know), surpise train conventions, and the shocking inappropriateness of Mary Poppins. You know the old saying, "See you on the bowling court!"

Cut the Shit: Morgan - Hereditary (2018) Mike - The Craft (1996)
Shoutouts to Movies with the Mrs. and So I Married a Movie Geek

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